People & Places

We are  Custodians of a community resource: an asset held in trust by the charity, for the long term benefit of residents living in and around the Welsh market town of Abergavenny. We are community builders and this is the unfolding story of our experience and local involvement in a story where local people have chosen to be active participants in shaping and removing obstacles to [or making ways to access] fundamental things that matter to all of us – food, shelter, health, education, culture, community and care.

Building elevation taking from Park Street

Abergavenny Community Centre resides in the former Park Street Infants School which is nestled in a residential area just a short distance from the town centre. (The Grofield Ward)

After a decade of telling the story and bringing people with us, in 2015 the local authority and the Trust entered into a 3 year lease. In 2019 the process of entering into a 25 year lease began.  

We refer to these first few years since opening as the ‘foundation period’

Over decades, many skilled people have worked voluntarily on the community plan.
Laurie Jones [dec 2014] A true warrior. Laurie’s other legacy is the Community Orchard & Gardens in Mill Street.

Where it began

This flyer was distributed around town in 2005. The questions remain as relevant to the future as they were then, and are now. (NB: When we called upon the Pledges a decade later, we raised £6000 to begin the next phase.
Our ambition was finally realised in 2014 when the County Council agreed to lease the building to the Trust on a short term (3 yr) basis. In 2018 following agreement at a full cabinet meeting the wheels were set in motion for a 25 yr lease on the building & upper grounds.