Volunteer with us

Could you be another pair of hands that the Community Centre has been looking for? We seek more people who can lend a hand and blend in with existing activities. From time to time we will need a little more help in the Kitchen, supporting our Sunday Afternoon Tea or helping out at our Cooking from Scratch activities during school breaks, and, eventually, weekend cooking clubs.
If you are curious and like to make a difference to young lives, please get in touch to chat.

Volunteering (helpers) underpin the life and work of the Abergavenny Community Centre.

You might already know, but in the eleven months from April 2019 up to the pandemic lockdown of 2020, that volunteers contributed approximately 6,175 hours over and above the 2,500 paid hours (3 PPT staff). Now, in mid 2023, following post-covid turbulence, there are more certainties and a need for willing hands is ever present.

Editors Notes: – Making the most of what we have while protecting people and services

The last three years have tested community-led enterprises and this is also true for ACC which is undergoing a period of consolidation, while continuing to maintain people services and respond to new demands.

Access to limited resources: A period of consolidation in 2022 led Trustees to seek funding from external sources so that people and existing services are protected during this adaptation and consolidation period.