Cooking – for life

Please contact us about future cookery sessions as plans are now underway for 2024

This session will grow your confidence in using basic cookery skills/methods/techniques, common to many meals. Having the practical ‘knowhow’ at your fingertips makes an enormous impact upon health, society and it helps re-create healthier food systems too. These tailor-made sessions are aimed widely across ages and abilities.  

Whether you are caring for an elderly parent; a pregnant or breast-feeding woman; trying to wean, or entice a fussy toddler (or teen) to try different food; a young person preparing for university digs, or thinking about your body image/shape/size; a family who is trying to get the very most from family meal-times; or, perhaps, like many of us as we age, you’ve started to care less about nutrition. Whatever your circumstances and cooking ability there will be something of value in these down to earth sessions to help you and everyone else who eats what you prepare.

WATCH THIS SPACE. *Before we could advertise them, the sessions (March-June 2022) were booked out, but we aim to hold the course again during the year, and we’ll be offering holiday sessions for kids/young people, too.

Please, don’t hesitate to speak to us about what you would find useful from these cooking for life workshops. We would also like to hear from local people who can support these workshops, or/and shape the future of local food services and food provision/distribution. Please contact Marion or Elaine to discuss how you can be part of changing practices today for a shared-future. Thank you.