Cooking For Life

These sessions are designed to grow confidence in using basic cookery methods and techniques that are common to many meals. Having the practical knowhow and an understanding of nutrition – at your fingertips – has an enormous impact on personal health and feelings of wellbeing, and plays a role in re-creating healthier food systems. [Photos below are from the current round of workshops which has been funded by the Monmouthshire Food Partnership.]

Tasting some truly local produce grown nearby on the Blorenge. Thank you Richard!
Understanding food groups and recognising where they are placed on the ‘Eatwell’ Guide.
Learning outdoors: foraging nettles for soup [27 March 2024]

We would like to hear from anyone who might be able to support these workshops in some way: either by making a financial donation towards the continuation of these invaluable sessions, or, by suppling (or donating) seasonal produce or goods.

*At the Community Centre we are collaborators, who long to work alongside any people and organisations who share our vision for rebuilding a viable, local food system. Volunteers are also welcome to apply to assist the sessions.

Silky, nutritious and delicious food – right here on our doorstep!