Community Meals

A weekly drop-in that started 2015 with a handful of people that grew to 45 people in 4 years. Drop-in.
People started to ask for a weekly lunch so we raised some funding to refit the kitchen and in 2017 the lunch club began (A very generous private donation got the ball rolling.) The Kitchen team cater for 25 people. Let us know you’re coming please.
Began in 2018 to ease a lonely Sunday. Let us know you’re coming please. Approx 20 attend each month.
Started in 2019 to make use of surplus produce. Freshly made on site, weekly. Approx 22 people each week. Drop in.
We invite local people to join us to create inspirational and memorable community meals together, usually on a Friday or Saturday evening. We endeavour to host two World Bistros a year and would really like to do more.
These community suppers are great value and good fun but they also rely on other people stepping forward to share their time and skills – just for the simple pleasure and enjoyment of community dining. The planning and the cooking are joint activitities and the Community Centre will help to bring the diners to the table. Could you be part of the next World Bistro? Please get in touch with us on 07751 666481 and we will get together and hatch a plan.