Emergency Food

You can consider the Community Centre to be like a good neighbour; a purposeful place where it’s understood by people who know that there are times when things can spiral out of control.

Demands on time, money, a new baby, job loss, sickness, ageing, isolation, bereavement, relationships, trauma and, finding yourself in a different place can easily upset the daily balance that we all have to strike. Please don’t hesitate to phone, private message on facebook, or E-mail us if you, or, people that you care about, need food and/or supplies.  

07751 666481 and 0782 1627038 during the daytime /early evening and on weekends please email or leave a msg and we will respond as soon as possible.              

Email or mobile 07751666481 are the best ways to reach us.

Over the course of eight operational years the Centre is constantly reviewing how best to approach food insecurity at a neighbourhood level.

From what people express – and taking into account the other help currently available in town – we know there is a place for a ‘universal offer’ which can help serve more people and their changing circumstances.

The Community Centre’s offer of food help is open to anyone who cares to call on it. There is currently a quantity of disposable items and re-useable sanitary wear. (Get a message to us.)