How to donate

Bringing local people and actions together

Through their financial support donors and sponsors play a valuable role by enabling Abergavenny Community Centre to be a living & breathing presence on the ground; making a difference to people and places in small, yet sustained ways.

As time goes on we will get better at telling people about the Community Centre – what happens here; what it needs; and aspirations for its future. We acknowledge that our capacity to ‘do it all, all of the time’ is limited, so, the immediate plan is to continue doing what we know we do well: listen, observe and respond in small, meaningful ways to what we see, hear and what people tell us they need and are willing to support.

With time (and with the ability to demonstrate value and worth) we trust that more people will grow confidence in our simple and dedicated approach to our work with local people. The approach reflects the lived experiences of many people who have shared their time and stories (insight) over the last two decades.

In the meantime, while real life plays out, our donors can have full confidence in the ability of Trustees, officers and staff to act wisely with their financial gifts, along with all other significant forms of giving which enables the Centre to flourish.

How are we funded? The core costs of the community centre are predominantly funded by earned income through room hire, food & refreshments, with local donors contributing approximately ten percent towards overheads in 2020. In 2019 the Abergavenny Town Council committed to diverting £10K [local taxes] per annum towards public activities. As demands continue to change and grow, we need to identify more investment, right across the board, but especially to underpin a solid staff structure.

The Abergavenny Community Trust is looking for help to develop and implement a fundraising strategy. Please send an email to Lesley Meagher at

The Trust gratefully acknowledges financial support from the Garfield Weston Foundation which has enabled the recruitment of the Activities Co-Ordinator [July 2023]