Purpose / Mission

Registered CIO (charitable incorporated organisation) No. 1177133

The Community Centre aims to tap and combine existing resources: human, natural, built, financial, in order to improve life for ordinary people.

At its core, underpinning the work of the Community Centre are some charitable objectives – the purpose/reason for existing/being.

The Trust’s Charitable Purposes can be summarised as follows:

To improve the lives of the diverse residents of Abergavenny by working with the local authorities, voluntary sector, other organisations and community groups to provide an opportunity for residents to mix together and enjoy educational, social, welfare, leisure and recreational activities in a welcoming facility.

To maintain and manage the Abergavenny Community Centre in furtherance of this common purpose, through income generation and rental fees.

The Community Centre is a communal resource, and securing this asset for the benefit of the community represents a foundational step on our lifelong ambition to make neighbourhoods feel stronger and safer; allowing more people to lead fulfilled lives in the process.

While our focus remains firmly in the moment, the architect’s concept above [circa 2008] captures a vision for how the building/grounds may continue to serve neighbourhoods into the future: one- step-at-a-time.