Families & Children

The lifeblood of every village, town

Community Kids artwork
We meet outside as much as possible now but come indoors when the weather turns.
Hands-on cooking

Community Kids is very popular so please contact Mrs Freddy Edmonds if you’re thinking of coming.

Email: freddyedmonds@gmail.com for all your queries (or, ask to join the private Community Kids Facebook group for up- to-the-minute information) and if you are having trouble contacting us please ring Marion on 07821627038. Thanks.

Hedge Planting December 2020

We are raising funds to offer more family and community activities throughout the year. Could you help?

We are looking for like-minded people to grow the number of activities that we can offer throughout the year.

If you can – cook, tell a story, make & bake stuff, grow stuff, paint, colour or draw, play an instrument, act, recite a poem, sing, whistle, yodel or dance – then you are just the sort of earthy person we are looking for to inspire children. Please get in touch.

It’s always been the little things that matter.

We are interested in collaborating with other local organisations/groups that share our desire for thriving and compassionate communities.

Picking raspberries in the community garden – Summer 2021

We are really pleased to tell you that following generous support from The Abergavenny Rotary Club in 2020, the Centre now has a marquee. This means that some activities can continue, no matter the weather.