Summer Of Play

*NEW* TOM FISHER MUSIC WORKSHOPS – Wednesdays during the holidays at Abergavenny Community Centre

‘Pop up musical and singing workshops for children and young people to start Wednesday’s off with some musical fun! There’ll be conga, bongos, and ukulele demonstrations as part of the session, with a range of percussion instruments provided for the children to experience.

The community centre has become known as a place where people of all ages mix – making vital connections and strengthening community ties. 

Over the Summer break, while holiday activities are taking place, we will continue to hold our popular lunches, chair exercise and coffee morning because we know just how important it is to keep bringing people together to socialise.  

Supporting families is another vital part of what goes on at the Centre and following on last year’s successful family outdoor play sessions, the programme in August is branching out to include music, art and dance.  

We are grateful to the Abergavenny Town Council, The Davies Charities, The People’s Postcode Lottery ‘Magic little grant’ for grants recieved, and private donors for boosting the Trust’s funds, enabling the Centre to offer these enrichment opportunities to more local families this Summer

If you would like to get behind us, it’s simple to make an online donation now by going to and typing Abergavenny Community Trust in the search bar.  To get to know more about the community centre and how we work, please visit the fundraising page or Thank you.