A place where people meet, and things happen

If you are new to Abergavenny or new to the Community Centre why not join us for a Friday Coffee Morning from 10.30am, or come to the light lunch at Midday which are both affordable activities, open to everyone.

The Victorian Infant School building lies between Merthyr Road & Park Street. Visit us to find out more about the people and places that make up our energetic, Welsh, market town. We look forward to spending time with you.

If you would like to talk to us about activities and to break the ice – you will reach us on following numbers: 07751666481 / 07821627038, and 07564016572 to talk to Stuart who manages the building and the litter picking gear.

Please remember:- If you need a bit of help with every-day food items please don’t hesitate to get in touch on the numbers above, or email us on aber.hub@gmail.com (Email works best for us and text messages are really good, too.)

For Hotdesking space and Room Hire enquiries please speak to Marion on aber.hub@gmail.com or on the numbers above. Thank you.

Whenever funding permits we will repeat the cookery workshops so please get in touch if you want to come along, be a helper, and if you can help by sponsoring a workshop. Please send an email to aber.hub@gmail.com or abercc.activities@gmail.com or call/message the numbers above. Thank you.

Saturday 25 February 2023

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