Shape the future with us, now



Please join the ‘together under one roof’ approach. For the right pairs of hands volunteering could lead to future recruitment. We are looking for people whose natural skills, lived experience and practical knowhow blends with our chosen Team approach.

At this immediate time in the ACC’s growth we welcome the sort of Giving that enables us to underpin what is already happening at the Community Centre. Here’s some examples of where a couple of hours would make an enormous contribution:-

Setting tables / serving / clearing down / arranging flowers [Wednesday luncheon club or Friday Coffee Mornings / Lunch],

Preparing a hearty soup in the community kitchen for Friday’s light lunch,

Preparing sandwiches or baking scones/cakes for a Sunday afternoon tea,

Drafting a small grant applications for our Cooking for life activities [or another of the Trust’s areas of key interest],

Mixing, meeting & greeting people (spending time with people is our chief aim but Time is a resource in short supply] ,

Preparing a room for the next activity,

Upkeep of the Centre and its grounds.

Every one of us is a community-builder, and when we come together – in simple yet powerful ways – we nurture connections and solve complex problems along the way. We understand that Time is the most precious and carefully guarded resouce we have, and when people lend a helping hand it is not taken for granted.
If you want to help please get in touch with Marion on 07751666481. If you are not currently in a position to give time and skills but could help financially, then we welcome this too. Every gift and each penny helps to spread our combined wealth just that little bit further.
The Community Centre is a ‘from the cradle to the grave‘ response, led by some people who saw a unique [once-only] opportunity to create stronger, safer and happier neighbourhoods through putting a local building back to work, for community benefit.

Perhaps you hear what we’re saying, but right now you are in the thick of work and family life. We understand, because that’s where we have been, too. Time moves everything along & we are holding this place for you, when your time comes around.