Local giving is a powerful force

When we see & feel the benefits from giving, people tend to enjoy themselves and do what they can to stay involved.

How, when, and what we’re able to give is unique to each one, but when our efforts combine, a little bit more energy/time/space is created – allowing our effort to go further.

We understand that feeling safe and giving of ourselves go together; we call these ‘give & get’ needs.

It’s what we do that counts

The Community Centre is a safe place where goodwill is grown: where exchanges of time, energy, talents, skills, goods and expertise are gathered and shared, instead of withering with time.

Abergavenny Community Centre is:

A place to be

A place where our lived experiences and insight has real worth

A place where people are valued and cared about

A place where people find meaning through sharing & contribution

A place that inspires random acts of kindness