Steps towards sustainability

The Abergavenny Community Centre [Charitable Trust] is taking small steps on its path towards being a sustainable venture and a local resource for people to rely upon.  

We are still a young organisation, and the covid years with their unique blend of opportunity and operational challenges have tested our resilience and taught us the value of consolidation and protecting vital resources for future use.

There is real strength in being small and there are challenges too. In recent months the Trust had to tap its financial reserves to replace the old school boiler and radiators which you also rallied behind, helping to fund these essential works. Thank you for making it possible.

New development at the Abergavenny Community Centre:

We are very excited to announce a funding success that will have a significant impact on reducing the Centre’s carbon footprint following grants from the Welsh Government’s Community Facilities Programme and the Community Green Energy Monmouthshire CIC and the Community Green Energy England / Wales CIC, and the generosity of members of the local community.

Our sincere thanks to those who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to pull the bid together and bring a long held aspiration to life.

This investment in solar energy production is a major step for the Community Centre with it’s people-helping-people culture because not only will it make limited resources go further, it also enables us to be innovative in how we share the electricity with fellow residents – helping budgets stretch a bit further and benefiting health and wellbeing through activities and support right on our doorsteps.

Here’s something for your calendar : Please join us on Sunday 5th June @ 12.30 for The Big Lunch in the grounds of the Community Centre [Bring a plate of food for sharing if possible] Details will follow.