A Community growing space

Making a safe route 2015

In 2011 the three demountable classrooms had to be demolished. The very first thing we had to do was to create a path of least resistance, a safe walkway from the car park to the door. Then, with little or no money we found ways to adapt and make the demolition site safe for people. With the help of friends from the “Incredible Edibles” movement, we built raised beds where the surface levels varied by several inches, and then we let the magic begin. The enclosed space took shape and form and had some good features – not least to show just how resourceful nature is, despite harsh conditions – but now, a few years later new inspiration, energy and opportunities mean that things are back on the move. Pourous groundcover solutions and better man-made drainage solutions need to be found, so little-by-little please be assured that we are doing the least harm possible as we address the access difficulties, and increase biodiversity on the site at the same time. So whether you come by wheels, with wheels, with two legs or with four we want you to know that we’re doing the best we can to spread limited resources, at a time when the coronavirus pandemic has prevented the Centre from opening and trading. Please trust us to do the best thing for all of the users and uses that we know and that we care about.

Our values and behaviour is driven by not having very much, and that means that we’re always having to make the most of what we have, in order to create more from what we do. It’s slow but it means that we don’t over-do it although that’s easier said, than done. Over the years we’ve leaned on kind many, kind contributions and some of these have helped our outdoor spaces to take shape and flourish, and enabled us to grow things that are important to us, but in order for the Trust to move to a place where we can do more for people and more for the natural world, it must start to plan ahead for the long term security of the community growing space. The first priority is to concentrate our green spaces around the boundary of the site – to let it naturalise, and make it possible for other partnerships* to make a contribution, too.

*A space for peaceful reflection has been in the offering for 5 years.