Urban Nature Garden

Our outdoor space is bringing people together using the power of nature to inspire, heal, and keep us feeling happy and connected.

The People’s Postcode Lottery have awarded the Trust a grant to carry out ‘Operation Nature Garden’. If you can, please help us to achieve MORE by making an online donation here https://localgiving.org/NatureGarden Thank you. [Then click on “Projects” on the right to be taken to the Nature Garden page. Either way, it is possible to leave us a message to say where you would like your donation to be used. Thank you.]

Our sincere thanks to all Members of the public that play the People’s Postcode Lottery for making our aspirations possible. Thank you!
Day 10 – planting apple trees
Day 12
Peace Garden emerges
Water feature to follow*
Day 13 pedestrian path
Landscaping element completed Friday 1st October 2022


Drone View of the nature garden space