Families & Children

Our next session will be offered to young people aged 11 years + [Please express your interest now by emailing abercc.activities@gmail.com]


We made sausage rolls, mince pies & gingerbread which we decorated


Cultivating curiosity
Building resilience
Wonderment of a froglet!

July – Cooking For Life 8-12yrs [places limited to 8 children] 3 sessions *Parents are not required to stay on site. Children will prepare a family meal to take home, so please make arrangements to either go home (& refrigerate) or bring a cool box to hold it safe until you get home. *Any dietary requirements and food allergies must be relayed to the organisers at the point of booking please*

NB: 1-3pm Outdoor Play for 7 years plus
A thing of beauty
Discovering spices
That’s one big pot!

Cost doesn’t have to be a barrier. People give what they can afford, and a donation of £5 per family/child is welcome wherever possible. *Families are invited to use the Welcome Room if you wish to stay.

The Trust gratefully acknowledges sponsorship from the following charitable trusts and organisations who made the Summer Holiday activities possible this year.

We made Badges
Our ideas just keep on flowing
We made Wish Trees