The charity


Who are we?

We are local residents: just ordinary people living, working, parenting, growing-up and growing old in and around Abergavenny. Our journey to secure a local asset (the old school) under community direction began in 2004.

The lived experience of people involved spans decades and comes together here to inform what happnes now; but with a foot in the past and an eye to the future, the Trust seeks to work differently by including other ways of thinking, acting and working with others to improve more local lives for years to come.

The Charity, through the provision of the Abergavenny Community Centre brings people together to socialise – keeping people active and involved for longer. The role of the charity is to include people and, to be led by them in determining how existing resources – our collective time, goods, skills, finance is combined and re-allocatd to address local priorities.


The ‘together under one roof ‘ ethos nutures a sharing/supporting culture that is opening ways for more of us to contribute, whereby, creating/freeing a-little-bit-more for each other and for giving back to the different communities in which we identify, live and belong.


The Centre is a resident-led response made up of people, who through their own experience understand that life can become complicated, and when looking for help, that the best kind is simple, practical & within reach.