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The mission

We are local people who are living, working, parenting, growing-up and growing old in Abergavenny. Our journey began in 2004.

Who are we?

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We are seeking clarity regarding some of our   activities that we would like to restart (in a small, managed way). Please keep an eye on this window and/or Facebook for updates.  Meanwhile, we are pleased to announce that funds have been raised through lots of different sources to spend on  the classroom floors.  This work is due to start mid December, and will last a couple of weeks.

Our ethos

Our ethos, together under one roof, nurtures a way for more of us to contribute, whereby, creating/freeing a-little-bit-more for each other, and the communities that we share.

The Charity, through the provision of the Abergavenny Community Centre is bringing people and actions, together, keeping people active and involved.

The Centre is a community-led response made up of people who understand that life can be complicated, and that the best kind of help is simple, practical and within reach.

Our motivation