Vacancy: Secretary to Trustees

An opportunity to volunteer at Abergavenny Community Centre

We are looking for an experienced person to act as Secretary to the Board of Trustees of the Community Centre.

The role involves supporting Board members in ensuring that the Trust acts effectively and in accordance with its charitable objectives.   A description of the tasks and responsibilities is below.

Please contact Caroline Lewis (Joint Chair to the charity)  Thank you.

Secretary to the Trustees – Duties

The main purpose of this role is to support the members of the trustee board in ensuring that the Abergavenny Community Trust acts in accordance with Charity Law and its charitable objects.

The role includes:

  • Convening meetings of Board and Committees 
  • Drafting agendas in consultation with Chairs 
  • Ensuring that minutes of meetings are taken, and circulated 
  • Ensuring that a full record is kept centrally of all board and committee documentation 
  • Assisting the Chairs and Treasurer in Drafting the Trust’s annual report for approval by the Board 
  • submitting the Annual Return to the Charity Commission in a timely fashion
  • Assisting with the recruitment of trustees and officers  
  • Maintaining a register of trustees, advising on terms of office and informing the Charity Commission of any new trustee appointments and resignations
  • Supporting Trustees to ensure that the Trust holds, approves and updates all appropriate policies and procedures