A typical, simple, Friday Lunch 12-1pm
The community growing space is important to our visitors, and it is integral to the charity’s mission
Sharing your talents to enrich and inspire others
Taking part
Allowing us to capture your skills and use them in ways that tell a bigger story

As the saying goes, ‘many hands make light work’ and while the charity’s workload is not likely to ease, we both need and welcome your interest and your help. Tell us about yourself, and even though you may be in the thick of parenting & working right now, it’s still important that we know that you share our values and are following behind.

Travelling in our footsteps

The community centre is for young and old, and now that we are getting older we are looking to people who are just that bit younger than we are, to carry on the work of the charity into the future for people travelling in your footsteps.

If you, like us, see the connection between what we know now (our insight) and our personal actions (taking responsibility) then please stay close and you will come to understand the role of this charity in preparing for a future that includes and protects the interests of ordinary people in changing times.

Feels a bit like Home