Ways to give

Local giving is a powerful force

When we see & when we feel the benefits that come back from our giving we tend to enjoy these activities and try to sustain them.

How and what we give is unique to each one of us but when efforts are combined there’s a little bit more to share and go around; greater than the sum of the parts.

From our own experience, we know that feeling safe and giving of ourselves must go together. These are called ‘give & take’ needs.

It’s what we do that counts

The Community Centre is creating a safe place where goodwill can grow: where exchanges of time, energy, crafts, skill, goods, and expertise can be gathered and held for sharing, instead of withering with time.

Abergavenny Community Centre is:

A place where experience and insight has worth

A place where people are valued and cared about

A place where people find meaning through sharing & contribution

A place that inspires random acts of kindness