Ways to give

Local giving is a powerful force

When we see & feel the benefits that come from giving, we are more likely to give.

Safe places matter

How and what we give is unique to each person, but when combined, our efforts have a lot more worth.

From our own experience, we know that feeling safe and giving of ourselves, go together; we call these give & take needs.

It’s what we do that counts

The charity is slowly forming a foundation for exchanging ways to give and receive practical, informal, impartial, insightful, mutually-beneficial help – in timely ways.

We have started the long process of creating a safe place where exchanges of time, energy, craft, skill, goods, and expertise can be gathered and held, instead of withering as time goes by. Why? because healthy, caring communities of the future will depend on willing individuals now, to retain knowledge and resourcefulness for future use.

Abergavenny Community Centre is:

A place where insight can shape small and big changes.

A place where human potential gathers around shared-problems and experiences.

A place where people find meaning through service and contribution.

A place where change is constant.