We pledge to work hard and wise with your financial gift
Bath Half Marathon 2017
Different ways that people give

Our regular donations underpin the Charity, making it possible to open a building, and, by being present, able to respond in small ways to opportunities and problems as they arise.

With time, we will get better at sharing news of what goes on at the community centre; our needs and hopes for the future but the ‘right now plan‘ is to continue to do what we know we do well:- listen, observe and respond in small ways. With every day that passes we work towards making meaningful links with people, groups and organisations in order to consolidate human, natural and financial resources, so that together we are able to do more and our actions are more likely to be sustained.

Community responses are not about being the first to a finish line, but more about joining with others, to ensure that reach and impact is directed and sustained for wider benefit, longer term.

We hope that more people will grow confidence in our simple, lifelong approach to building community resilience, and feel able to trust the charity to act wisely with your financial gifts, your time and all manner of other ways that people give. We do need your support. Thank you.