How to Donate

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A lifeline

Donors play a vital role in keeping the building open and enabling a valuable community-presence on the ground.

As time goes on we will get better at telling people about the Community Centre – what happens here; what we need; and the aspirations held for the future. Our capacity is limited, therefore the immediate plan is to continue doing what we know we do well :- listen, observe and respond in small, meaningful ways to what we see, hear and what people ask us for.

With time, and as we are more able to demonstrate our worth, we trust that more people will grow confidence in our simple approach which is built and sustained by human connections spanning lifetimes. We want you to be able to trust us to act wisely with your financial gifts – along with all other forms of giving that we rely heavily upon to sustain our combined efforts.

How are we funded? The core costs of the community centre are predominantly funded by earned income through room hire, food & refreshments, with local donors contributing approximately ten percent toward overheads in 2020. The Town Council has committed to contributing £10K per annum towards core costs, since 2019.

The Trust is developing a fundraising strategy.