Community Kitchen

A weekly drop-in activity that started 2015
Started 2017, building on the Coffee Morning
For the past few years we have been exploring how best to approach food insecurity at a neighbourhood level. From what you have been telling us, access to communal pantries / fridges / freezers / larders / emergency drops & collections / shops may need widening in order to usefully serve more people and changing circumstances. We are testing this and as we want our own efforts to be a useful part of a joint response please keep talking to us. Thanks.
Started in 2018 to ease a lonely Sunday
Friday Lunch Poster
Started in 2019 to use resources available to us
Our ability and our commitment to turning ‘waste & excess‘ produce into nourishment for people, animals or the soil comes from a necessity to make existing resources work more efficiently for people, animals and the planet we share.

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The COMMUNITY KITCHEN team can be reached on 01873 856925 when the building is open. Please leave a short message as the kitchen team can normally only take messages at the start and at the end of the day.

In a crisis or personal emergency we can help with nutritious meals/produce to meet immediate needs, so please don’t be afraid to ask. Email us on, or ring 07751666481, 07821627038, 07564016572 or 07564016574