Purpose / Mission

Registered Charity 1177133

At its core, underpinning the work of the Community Centre are some charitable objectives – the purpose/reason for existing/being.

‘Objects’ are a natural part of founding and forming a charity, and a Trustee Board ensures that actions are lawful, transparent through reporting, and reflect its values.

The Community Centre aims to tap and combine existing resources – human, natural, built, financial – in order to improve the lives of ordinary people and neighbourhoods.

The Community Centre is a communal resource, and securing this asset for the benefit of the community represents a foundational step on our lifelong journey towards making our neighbourhoods feel stronger and safer, and people lead more fulfilling lives.

The life and the work that takes place together under this roof could be described in a lot of ways but whatever it is there is magic when people come together to get things done.

While our focus remains firmly in the moment, the architect’s concept above [circa 2008] captures a vision for how the building/grounds may continue to serve neighbourhoods into the future – one step at a time.


To promote the benefit of the inhabitants of Abergavenny and district without distinction of sex, sexual orientation, race or of political, religious or other opinions by associating together the inhabitants and the local authorities, voluntary and other organizations in a common effort to advance education and to promote facilities in the interests of social welfare, for recreation and leisure-time occupation with the object of improving the conditions of life of inhabitants.

Establish or secure the establishment of a Community Centre and to maintain and manage the same (whether alone or in co-operation with any local authority or other such person or body) in furtherance of these objects.